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Textile Innovation & Techniques

In a few words 

A journey to the heart of the textile industry, where you can discover new innovations and techniques in line with new environmental challenges.

Public concerned :

Entry-level professionals

Practical information

Type of training : Mondays or on request

Training Format : On-site
Course duration : 1 day
Next sessions : to define
Cost of training : from 1,550 € 
(Quote on request for custom-made training)
Languages: French
Course location : ESMOD Paris 9ème
Descriptif détaillé



  • By the end of the course, participants will have a clearer picture of textile innovations and their environmental implications, from manufacture to use

Training Programme

1/ Intelligent fibres and fabrics   

‐Conductive fibres and their applications.

‐Textiles and heat: thermoregulators, thermo-touch

‐Textiles with coloured effects: Photoluminescent, fluorescent, photochromes

‐Luminous textiles: Retroreflective, fibre optic, LED



2/ Advanced manufacturing techniques 

‐3D textile printing

‐3D knitting

‐Innovative weaving techniques


3/ Sustainable raw materials

‐Organic materials

‐New materials (from milk, pineapple, soy, etc.)

‐Recycled fibres

‐The environmental benefits of these materials


4/ Eco-friendly manufacturing processes 

‐Eco-responsible dyeing

‐Water- and energy-efficient production methods

‐Environmental certification in the textile industry


5/ Circular economy in the textile industry 

‐Textile recycling

‐Reuse and resale of clothing

‐The importance of sustainable design


6/ Eco-responsible brands and initiatives

‐Examples of brands and companies committed to textile sustainability.

‐Eco-responsible labels and certifications


7/ Workshop and discussion 

‐Making a small sample of technological textiles

‐Debate on the challenges and benefits of manufacturing and using innovative textiles

‐Discussion on future prospects for the textile industry

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