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formation comment vendre sa collection sur les réseaux sociaux - formation esmodpro

How to sell your collection on social media

In a few words

Social commerce  (also known as social shopping), which refers to selling products or services via social media, has virtually become a must for any merchant wishing to reach a wider target and increase sales more quickly.

Public concerned :

Fashion professionals managing the sales and marketing of a brand/product line


Participants must have a Facebook and Instagram account

Practical information

Type of training : consult our agenda / custom-made training

Training format : On-site, minimum of 3 participants 
Course duration : 2 days
Next sessions : to define
Cost of training : from 2,850 € 
(Quote on request for custom-made training)
Languages: French or English
Course location : ESMOD Paris 9ème
Descriptif détaillé



  • Know how to position yourself on social networks to attract and engage customers​

  • Understanding the issues and problems of s-commerce​

  • Set up and configure a store on social networks ​

  • Design communication campaigns to boost sales on social networks

Training Programme

D1 morning: position your brand on social media:

-Reminders about the target

-Uses of the various social networks

-Selection and positioning criteria

-Putting it into practice: creation of a brand SWOT, sector benchmarking and identification of best practices, identification of the most relevant networks, definition of objectives, etc

D1 afternoon: Design/transpose your storytelling on social media:

-Tell your story, including your target audience

-Popular subjects/orientations

-Define an editorial charter for social media

-Putting it into practice: drawing up an editorial charter, defining identifying elements (mantra, slogan, vocabulary, etc.)

D2 morning: Create your store on social media:

-What is social selling?

-Can we sell everything on social media and at what cost (psychological limits)?

-The different options

-Putting it into practice: creating a store on Facebook/Instagram;

D2 afternoon: Promote your store:

-The different types of promotion

-Design engaging messages

-Creating desire

-Putting it into practice: creating visuals and messages in the right formats to raise brand awareness and attract customers

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