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E-commerce - Digital strategy

In a few words

The basics of digital commerce in fashion and luxury, the best practices and ways to stand out to well run your omnicanal customer journey and ensure you an efficient online presence. Explore the challenges and opportunities of digital in the fashion, luxury and high-value creative industries.

In a world where digital has been redefining the codes and practices for more than fifteen years, today’s brands can’t only rely on being up-to-date, but rather to take the lead in order to adopt a strategic position in the face of the challenges and uses of tomorrow. How to choose the right digital channels? Do we have to be present on all social media platforms? Is an e-commerce site a must? Which digital activations help to loyalize increasingly volatile clients?

Public concerned :

Professionals responsible for or contributing to the digital strategy of the brand, from e-commerce to marketing, in the fashion and luxury sector.

Practical information

Type of training  : consult our agenda or custom-made training

Training format : on-site, minimum of 3 participants
Training duration : 3 days
Cost of training: from €3,650 
(Quote on request for custom-made training)
Course location  : ESMOD Paris 9ème
Languages: French or English
Descriptif détaillé



● Develop a successful digital and e-commerce strategy.
● Select and operate your digital lever efficiently.
● Measure the effectiveness of your actions for continuous optimization

Training Programme

Digital Marketing
- Understand the web ecosystem and its opportunities.
- Handle digital marketing action levers.
- Explore new business models.
- Practical workshop: Audit the digital presence of your brand and identify its potential points of friction.

Data and performance
- Optimize your performance using data.
- Segment your target audience (CRM, personal data, GDPR, etc.)
- Adopt a suitable SEO strategy.
- Decipher the different online advertising formats.

- Practical workshop: Reconciling numbers and creativity.

Social media and content strategies
- Origins, uses and social media trends.
- Create impactful branded content.
- Understand the business and image issues of influencer marketing.
- Practical workshop: Design a strategic digital campaign.

Customer journey and omnichannel user experiences
- Map your customer journeys by integrating omnichannel
- Strategies to grow your site traffic and improve your conversion rate.
- Integrate emailing into your customer experience (database, opening rate and clicks &
A/B testing, etc.)
- Practical workshop: Concretely improve your user journey for a fluid and engaging experience.

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