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fashion et business formation stratégie de marque esmod pro

Brand strategy

In a few words

"You can have an excellent product but if communication fails, it's like watching a comedian do a sketch in a completely different language"

Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple

Public concerned :

All professionals creating their own brand or who already own a brand and wish to develop a brand strategy

Practical information

Type of training  : consult our agenda / custom-made training

Training format : on-site, minimum of 3 participants
Course duration : 3 days
Next sessions :
  • 7,8 and 9 december 2023

  • 15, 16 and 17 february 2024

  • 22, 23 and 24 may 2024

Cost of training : from 3,250 € 
(Quote on request for custom-made training)
Languages: french or english
Course location : ESMOD Paris 9ème
Descriptif détaillé



  • Understanding the concepts and workings of the brand in fashion of the times

  • Putting them in the context of the company's strategy and offering

  • Building your brand platform

  • Determining your brand equity and developing it further

Training Programme

Context / adapting your brand to the new needs and uses of consumers:

-The challenges of the brand phenomenon.

-Understand the impact of changes in society on your brand so that you can adapt to them

-Experience, emotion and social ambition: building your brand universe

-Define the role of brand content and the objectives of content marketing to nurture your brand

-Unite and reach out to your "users" as ambassadors and creators of content for your brand


Building your brand platform:


-Study your targets and what the brand can do for them

-Analyse your competition to define your positioning and determine the differentiating factors you can leverage

-Formulate a real and exclusive promise to engage with your customers

-Create brand storytelling to provide evidence and give your brand credibility

-Think about a visual identity that is consistent with your brand's platform to prepare your future graphic charter

Place your brand at the heart of your company's business model:


-Formalise your company's vision to reveal your brand's raison d'être and mission

-Make your brand the key element in your company's value proposition

-Foresight, design and co-development: bringing out the fundamentals of your brand

-Deciphering customer buying patterns to optimise all points of contact with your brand

-Co-branding and partnerships: integrating your brand into an ecosystem to extend its reach


Evolve your brand to maintain its consistency:


-Listening to customers and the environment

-Expansion, alliances, new products: deciding on development strategies

-Embodying your brand throughout the value chain: points to watch and good practices

-Master the specifics of digital communication to protect your brand identity on the web

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