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modélime sur mesure - selon vos besoins et objectifs - formation esmodpro

Custom-made Pattern-making

In a few words :

Pattern making is an artistic and technical discipline that involves creating
the patterns needed to create garments and accessories. 

Every detail, every step and every technique behind every pattern ensures that the result is a meticulously-crafted product that fits the human body perfectly. Straight fit or draped on a mannequin, the methods vary to suit your collections, production requirements and costs.

What do you need? What know-how do you want to acquire?

This customised training module is designed to adapt the training to your needs and your professional context, both in terms of format and content.

Public concerned :


Practical information

Type of training : custom-made course

Training Format : custom-made
Course duration : custom-made  
Next sessions : custom-made
Cost of training :
Quote on request for custom-made training
Languages: french or english
Course location : ESMOD Paris 9ème
Or On the client's premises.

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