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les nouveaux défis de la mode - formation esmodpro

The new challenges facing fashion today

In a few words

Globalisation and the opening up of markets are not the only upheavals of the 21st century. Attitudes are changing fast and fashion is, as ever, a reflection of the times.  
It is imperative to be attuned to these changes, to a world where commitment is key, where diversity, inclusivity and cultural openness are reshaping the fashion of tomorrow.

Public concerned : Beginners, experienced professionals, general public

Practical information

Type of training : check our agenda / custom-made training

Training format : On-site, Minimum of 3 participants.​
Course duration : 1 day
Next sessions :

- 2 december 2023

- 10 february 2024

Cost of training : from 1,450 € 
(contact us for custom training prices)
Language: french or english
Training location : ESMOD Paris 9ème
Descriptif détaillé



  • Take a step back and analyse recent cultural upheavals.

  • Understand the origins and issues surrounding diversity, inclusiveness and openness to multiculturalism.

  • Take into account the key factors of the fashion of the times to help your business evolve and keep pace with new thinking.

  • Anticipate and deal with new generations.

Training programme


The evolution of fashion in the new millennium:

  • Globalisation.

  • The designer of the 21st century, a committed creator.

  • Slow and Fast: the new rhythms.

  • Internet and second hand: access to fashion for all.

Diversity, inclusion and the melting pot of cultures:

  • The new faces of fashion, decomplexions and new incarnations.

  • Diversity of inspiration: creation becomes multicultural.

  • Diversity + Inclusion = changing mentalities and identity castes.


  • Emancipation 3.0.

  • Feminist brands and designers.



CSR and Fashion:

  • Responsible fashion and awareness of the impact on society and the environment.

  • Causes and commitments: are we credible?

  • The means used, supply and committed production: between desire and reality of the products.

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