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intelligence artificielle pour sa créativité - formation esmodpro

In a few words

Discover how AI can help enhance your daily creativity ? By exploring the technical workings and existing solutions, you will learn how to harness these innovations to deepen your ideas and bring them to life using effective prompts.

Public Concerned : Professionals in fashion design

Practical information

Type of training : check our agenda, custom-made

Training Format : On-site
Course duration : 1 day
Next sessions
  • 21, november 2023
  • 11, january 2024
  • 11, april 2024
Cost of training : from 2500 € 
(contact us for custom training prices)
Language : French
Course location : ESMOD Paris 9ème

How to use AI to develop
your creativity?

Descriptif détaillé



  • To understand the fundamental principles of generative AI and its applications

  • To have an overall view of existing and upcoming solutions

  • To develop the ability to leverage AI in a creative process

  • To know how to create effective prompts

  • To grasp the limitations of AI for informed and responsible use in a professional context

Training Programme

What is AI?


  • Definition

  • The difference between AI and algorithms

  • How AI works (technical modelling, learning)

  • Understanding limits to use it effectively

  • The different fields and existing models


Text-based generative AI


  • Find inspiration through ideas and concepts

  • Information synthesis (trends and statistics)

  • Search for an idea

  • Collaborative creation (with context creation)

Graphical generative AI

  • The prompt (Midjourney)

  • Explore artistic styles, techniques and moods (moodboard, draft, etc.)

  • Explore other possibilities (iterations)

  • Create content that can be used or modified

  • Generative retouching (Photoshop)

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