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fusion 360 sur mesure - imprimante 3D - mode- ESMOD PRO

Fusion 360 

In a few words

3D printers have been the talk of the town for some years now. However, for those who have never had access to this technology, the concept of printing a volume remains rather vague. For fashion, the tool seems capable of changing many things. We can imagine any part, accessory or material emerging from a 3D printer. Whether you are a beginner or already a designer, engineer, maker, etc., with knowledge of other 3D software, this training course will introduce you to Fusion 360° or help you validate your mastery of it.

Public concerned : Beginners, experienced professionals, general public

Practical information

Training type : Custom-made

Training format : Sur mesure
Course duration : Sur mesure
Next sessions : à définir 
Cost of training : contact us for custom-made training
Langues: French or English
Lieu de la formation : ESMOD Paris 9ème

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