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Streetwear creation

In a few words : 

Dive into Street Culture and create your own style through customizing a pair of sneakers

Public concerned :

Beginners, all audiences

Practical information

Type of training  : holidays

Training format : on-site
Course duration : 1 week
Next sessions : from 15 to 19 april 2024
Cost of training : 750 € 
(contact us for custom training prices)
Languages: French
Course location : ESMOD Paris 9ème
Descriptif détaillé



  • Creating a look through various workshops (sneakers, hoodie, cap, or beanie)

Training programme

Day 1

  • "What is Street Culture?

  • From Dapper Dan's vision to Virgil Abloh's recognition at Vuitton!

  • Instagram/TikTok trends on the topic.

  • The evolution of brands on the subject (from rejection to acceptance, for example: Lacoste).

  • Visual introduction with the presentation of iconic pieces (Establish a wardrobe and then work on the pieces in workshop format: sneakers, hoodie, cap, and/or beanie).

  • Work on a moodboard to establish an artistic direction for the construction of the look and customization to come on the silhouette.

Day 2

  • Workshop: Sneaker customization.

  • Creating a silhouette (fashionable and contemporary) through the customization of sneakers using glue, stapler, laces, pieces of leather, faux fur, etc.

Day 3

  • Working on the hoodie with presentations on flex, patchwork, embroidery, painting, stapler assembly, etc.

Day 4

  • Continuation of hoodie work + work on the cap or beanie.


Day 5

  • Photo/video shoot for content creation.

  • Think about accessorizing the look based on the basic theme.

  • Presentation of the project to the group.

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