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le vocabulaire du dressing - découverte des métiers de la mode

Wardrobe vocabulary (man, woman, mixed)

In a few words : 

Explore and expand your knowledge of the fashion wardrobe, refine your expertise by mastering the essential vocabulary to accurately describe each product and its characteristics.

Public concerned :

- Beginners

- High school students

Practical information

Type de training : winter holidays 

Traning Format  : Online
The training session will be conducted with a minimum number of participants
Course duration
- Online: 12h00 (2 jours)
Next sessions

​- Online (in French): from 21th to 22th february 2024

Cost of Training 
Online : 450 euros
Languages : French 
Course location : ESMOD Paris 9ème
Descriptif détaillé



  • Gain knowledge of contemporary wardrobe pieces that are "unisex" as well as timeless essentials for every wardrobe.

  • Master the appropriate vocabulary to effectively discuss each product, its shape, and its characteristics.

Training programme

  • The vocabulary of shapes and cuts of essential pieces in the Men's, Women's, and Unisex wardrobe (jackets, overcoats, and coats, blousons, skirts, pants, shirts and blouses, tops, cut-and-sewn knits, and knits)

  • The vocabulary of dresses

  • The vocabulary of men's suits

  • The vocabulary of product details (lengths, cuffs, armholes and sleeves, necklines and collars, pockets, pleats)

  • Seams and finishes, as well as the vocabulary of essential supplies

  • Timeless pieces (basics and must-haves):

  • Presentation of iconic products that have become essential "wild cards" in every wardrobe and contributors to all styles (The Trench Coat, the T-Shirt, jeans, the perfecto, etc.).

  • Accessory focus: iconic bags

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