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culture mode & nouvelles tendances - découverte des métiers de la mode

Fashion Culture & New trends

In a few words : 

Expand your fashion knowledge by exploring key moments and visionary designers that have shaped history. Learn to decipher current trends and enhance your ability to objectively analyze a fashion show.

Public concerned :

Beginners, high school students

Practical information

Type de training : Winter holidays / Summer holidays 

Training Format  : Online
The training session will be conducted with a minimum number of participants
Course duration :
- Online : 12h00 (2 days)
Next sessions

- In-person (in French): from 19th to 20th february 2024

- Online (in English): from 1st to 5th july 2024

Cost of Training 
Online : 450 euros
Languages : French, English
Course location : ESMOD Paris 9ème
Descriptif détaillé



  • Acquire a fashion culture

  • Know the key moments and visionary creators who have marked history

  • Decipher current trends

  • Know how to analyze a fashion show objectively

Training programme

Short history of fashion:

  • Birth of Haute Couture and the fashion show

  • From the era of grand couturiers to fashion designers:

  • Focus on the evolution of the female silhouette in the 20th century

  • The revolution of designers at the turning point of the 70s.

  • Street fashion

The era of Artistic Directors: the return of luxury in fashion

  • The 90s, the awakening of sleeping beauties

  • The Cult of the Accessory: The new luxury

  • The role of Artistic Directors and fashion shows


Today, new fashion trends:

  • Vintage

  • Eco-responsible fashion

  • The role and evolution of Fashion Weeks worldwide


Fashion news:

  • Emerging designers (Women's and men's fashion)

  • Digital fashion

  • Decoding the latest collections (Women's and men's fashion) & analysis of current major fashion trends

  • Workshop: analyzing the characteristics of fashion pieces from different years and explaining how they can inspire today's designers

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