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Conseillé de vente formation personal shopper - esmodpro

In a few words

In today's competitive omnichannel environment, stores/boutiques need a fluid customer journey tailored to the needs of your customers in order to win them over, build their loyalty and to maintain a positive brand image. The personalisation of customer relations is an approach that consists of offering a service tailored to the expectations of each customer, and to their context. This makes them feel recognised, unique, and their needs are anticipated. The icing on the cake: they are often surprised by the kind of attention they receive, and feel the urge to return.

Public concerned :

Fashion sales advisers, personal shoppers, managers

Practical information

Type of training : Saturday or custom-made courses

Training format : On site

Minimum of 4 participants

maximum of 12 participants

Course duration : 1.5 or 2 days depending on the necessary adaptations
Next sessions : to define
Cost of training : from 1,700 € 
(Quote on request for custom-made training)
Languages: french or english
Course location : ESMOD Paris 9ème ou dans les locaux du client

Personal shopper

Descriptif détaillé



  • Participants will be able to talk about Fashion, the sector's emblematic Houses and share a few anecdotes

  • Participants will be able to name emblematic products, follow fashion trends

  • Participants will be able to welcome and adapt to international customers who are consumers of fashion/luxury products

  • Participants will organise a personalised sales/shopping ceremony

Training Programme

Study on the consumption of personal goods:

- New consumer trends among luxury customers

A short history of fashion:

-Key dates / Understanding the links between past and present / Understanding today's fashion system.

-Fashion reflects the times: The tomboy of the 20s, the "New-Look" by Dior 47...

-Where do trends come from? How do they materialise?

The great emblematic Houses of Fashion and Luxury

The Fashion Calendar

How to keep up with trends as the seasons change:

-Newsletters, Influencers., Events:  The Red Carpet: Cannes / MET etc.

Feedback on the preparatory "Mystery Shopping":

-Workshop in sub-groups of 3. Restoration, and define together at least the customers' expectations.

What is the Art of Entertaining?

-Defining the key points of the welcome and reception ceremony.

-Design a welcoming ceremony together (activity in sub-groups).

-What gestures and behaviours are appropriate for customers of different nationalities?

Prepare to meet your customer beforehand:

- My image, what I want to project, my posture

-Customer discovery

Welcoming customers to the Trade Show

-Live customer discovery



Build and offer a personalised, multi-product selection

-Meeting needs and surprising people

-Knowing how to be, what body language to use (+Staging the selection).

-Know the products and make the most of your choices. (technical arguments, fashion and style / personalised alternatives)

-Cross Selling, don't be afraid!


Advising and closing the sale

Customer care, loyalty

-CRM CLUB + Personal customer file PS Personalised customer follow-up (successful discovery link, know your customers, please, surprise, etc.)

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