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Emerging designers and new fashion trends

Beautiful products are no longer enough, and new designers have understood this. Of course, the creations must remain desirable, but they now also introduce a real social purpose. Many designers are talking about ecology, inclusivity, LGTB themes, etc. and are thinking more and more about the meaning of their approach. Today, these convictions are reflected in the product. Emerging designers are making their mark, and new trends are emerging to appeal to consumers who like their fashion to be their own.

les créateurs émergents et les nouvelles tendances de mode

Eco-responsible fashion & new consumption patterns

Sustainable development is becoming an increasingly important factor, not to say an unavoidable one. Every season, designers go further and further into sustainable research and processes through upcycling, the circular economy or bioplastics, because the situation is only getting worse. Awareness of the climate crisis and the impact of the fashion industry on the planet have become a common argument. The most sustainable solutions now permeate design.

la mode éco responsable et les noveaux mode de consommation - conférence

History and fashion culture 

Key dates in the history of fashion help you to understand the links between the past and the present, as well as the current fashion system and its evolution.

Fashion reflects the zeitgeist: from La garconne to the 20s,

from Dior's "New-Look" in 1947 to the Chanel suit in 1954, certain fashion codes have become myths that are being revisited more than ever to appeal to new fashion consumers. The iconic Luxury Houses compete in ingenuity and creativity to surprise and seduce their customers with an ever-increasing number of collections, relayed live around the world. The fashion calendar just keeps getting richer!

Histoire et culture de mode - conférence

Luxury know-how: between tradition and innovation

Luxury has the image of an impenetrable sector in which the selection of talent is fierce. By definition elitist and traditional, it is not immune to the new challenges of today and must modernise. In the face of the crisis, the major luxury brands have used their creativity to digitise and capitalise on the trends set by the new generation. For the luxury houses, this is a major challenge, but one which they have more than risen to!

savoir faire du luxe entre tradition et innovation - découverte des métiers de la mode

Understanding the New Generations 

Generation Y, and even more so generation Z, are making us rethink our methods of communication, management and even the employee/company relationship. In the same way, change management can be challenged, outside of academic methods, to put in place open processes that respond to their aspirations and at the same time channel their energy towards positive ends!

comprendre les nouvelles générations - conférence

Iconic wardrobe pieces

Fashion is best celebrated in the past: the designer treasures of recent decades are now more attractive than ever. Let's discover the timeless iconic pieces or classic wardrobe essentials, their stories and, of course, the vocabulary that describes them.

les pièces iconiques du vestiaire - conférence

FASHION & CSR : From Major Challenges to Solutions

Oreste Carvounis, CSR expert specializing in sustainable development and ESMOD PRO speaker, offers a conference addressing the fashion industry's challenges within the context of planetary boundaries. An overview of the solutions to be implemented for stakeholders interested in embarking on a sustainable transition.


mode et RSE des grands enjeux aux solutions - CONFERENCE ESMODPRO

Conference on No(W) Gender

Is there still a need for a gendered strategy when society is opening up new frontiers? The fashion press is finding new incarnations closer to the new generation in search of an unclassified identity. We will be looking at gender from a sociological and strategic angle, presenting disruptive initiatives in fashion, lingerie, leather goods, jewellery and beauty. 

Representations of gender are decompartmentalised.


le non genré no gender - nouvelles frontières - presse de mode conférence

Quentin Denghien Photographes : Harold Rafael Georges & Henri Maheu

Haruki Shirota - Photographe : Jean-Baptiste Pennel

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