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Omni-channel buyer

In a few words

With the advent of digital technology, the irreversible transformation of the operating methods of in-house teams in luxury goods distribution, and particularly in department stores, is gathering pace. Purchasing teams are directly affected. Purchasing strategies for different channels are hybridising, unifying, converging, complementing and pooling. What are the ins and outs, customs and best practices?

Public concerned :

Beginners and experienced professionals in the purchase of personal luxury goods:​

  • •Leather goods, shoes and accessories, Fashion, ready-to-wear, Slow fashion, Fast fashion; Beauty (perfumes and cosmetics), Watches and Jewellery

Practical information

Type of training : consult our agenda / custom-made training

Training Format : On site, minimum of 3 participants
Course duration : 2 days
Next sessions :
  • 21,22 february 2024

  • 2, 3 april 2024

  • 16 and 17 may 2024

Cost of training : from 2,850 € 
(Quote on request for custom-made training)
Languages: french or english
Course location : ESMOD Paris 9ème
Descriptif détaillé



  • Differentiate between a single-channel, multi-channel, cross-channel and omni-channel luxury marketing and distribution organisation.

  • Understand the profound changes brought about by digital technology for an increasingly demanding consumer, and link this to the foundations of an omni-channel strategy and a customer relationship management programme.

  • Identify best practices in omni-channel online purchasing for luxury brands on the future of omni-channel purchasing and distribution policy.

  • Look beyond the paradox of the online and offline shop experience, scarcity and the feeling of exclusivity, while analysing the points of innovation to unblock disruptions such as logistics, delivery, service, communication and customer satisfaction.

  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of the 12 pillars of a successful omni-channel strategy.

Training Programme


Vision of Omni-channel, CRM and Clienteling:

•State of the omni-channel and the luxury market.

•What are Omni-channel, CRM and Clienteling?

•Is harmonisation desirable?


Omni-channel strategies and hybridisation of omni-channel marketing and distribution:


1. Omni-channel in question:


•State of the Omni-channel luxury market

•New purchasing behaviour (second-hand, rental, upcycling, etc.)

•New generations of first-time buyers

•New consumer profiles

•New business models

2. Customer experience:


•Theatrical & ceremonial store

•UX strategies - Cross Selling - Up Selling

•Customer journey

•Omni-channel points of contact

•Social purchasing

•Purchase funnel - On-Offline conversion tunnel


3. Omni-channel fundamentals:


•Marketing and omni-channel distribution

•From single-channel to omni-channel

•The key pillars of a successful omni-channel strategy

•The omni-channel stages of the CRM process

•From product orientation to customer orientation

•Key services for omni-channel luxury

•KPI monitoring


4. Omni-channel Purchasing Strategy:


•Product range







•Deliveries and returns

5. Impact of Omni-channel on CRM and Clienteling:

•Omni-channel steps applied to the different phases of CRM


•The major CRM stages from Activation, Recruitment, Retention and Loyalty

•From CRM to CEM, including CXM and CSM

•Towards an ultra-personalised purchasing strategy




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